«Five Second Rule»: 5 Reasons of Erectile Dysfunction

About the dead we either speak good or nothing at all. This rough comparison is perfectly appropriate when it comes to problems with male potency. Even the most persistent and brutal are frightened by the word «impotence». This is due to stereotypes regarding sexual power, as the main identifier of male self-perception. They are so strong that men prefer not to admit even to themselves about slightest problems «below the waist».

But silence in this case is not equal to gold. Modern medicine asserts: there are practically no hopeless cases of male sexual impotence. Every man who has faced problem can eliminate erectile dysfunction in order to enjoy full sex life. The main thing is to know what you need to do for this. Better yet: to know what measures should be taken to prevent functional disorder.

What are Men Silent about?

Throughout the world, the word «impotence» has long been recognized as anachronism, a definition that does not fully reflect essence of the problem and carries a clear negative connotation.

In modern society, inability to start, maintain or end sexual intercourse due to lack of erection is defined by concept of «erectile dysfunction». Its borders are so wide that they contain both single fiasco and disorder requiring special treatment tactics. And most importantly, as opposed to «impotence», it does not take man’s hope. On the contrary, it emphasizes: there is a function, but due to some reasons, it failed, which can serve as an occasion for visit to a specialist.male health: impotence

According to the latest My Canadian Pharmacy data, about 150 million men suffer from erectile dysfunction of varying degrees in the world. At the same time, there is a clear annual tendency to increase their number. If we let things go by themselves, in 20 years the figure will increase at least twice, reaching 320 – 330 million people.

Almost every 10th man of reproductive age in the US has problems with potency, that is not older than 50 years – about 300 thousand people. But only 60 thousand (according to the most optimistic estimates) apply for help to a specialist! What do the others do? Silently bury their heads in the sand? This is the very case when harsh male endurance works against men themselves.

Quantity does Not Matter

Any man for once in his life was concerned with the question: how intense sex life must be, so that even shadow of doubt does not arise in his masculine solvency.

There is still strong prejudice: all problems in bed – out of the head. Overexcited, worried, the place is not suitable, the partner is not suitable, there is no much desire… The number of excuses grows in direct proportion to the number of failed sexual intercourses.

Meanwhile, scientists have proved that among factors leading to erectile dysfunction, only 20 – 25% fall on the share of psychological ones, and the remaining 75 – 80% have organic character, that is, they are provoked by malfunctions in the work of other male organs and systems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction


Undoubtedly, first of all erectile dysfunction is an age-associated problem. The older the man, the more likely he is to have difficulties in sex. However, even in such a transparent, seemingly, issue as natural aging, when level of male sex hormones decreases and gradually libido and potency decrease, not everything is so unambiguous.

A study by scientists at the University of Massachusetts found that 28% of men aged 30 to 40 years already have some problems with potency; among men over 40 years their number exceeds 40%; every second man over 50 years old knows what is a permanent or episodic sexual impotence. Obviously, this is not about age when absence of erection can be taken for granted.

It has long been known that passport age is not always a direct reflection of biological one. Preservation of health and prolongation of youth largely determines the way of life that a man leads. Hence the second reason:

Lifestyle and Habits

Throughout the history of mankind, a man performs a difficult role as a leader, a «mammoth getter». And although in the modern world the conditions of «hunting» changed long ago, not all could have adapted to them. Therefore, assurances of andrologists that every man is naturally endowed with extraordinary sexual potential, the so-called 15-fold safety factor, seems unreal and fantastic. It would be great if strength are enough for one set, 2 – 3 – already akin to heroism. Meanwhile, only ability of a man to satisfy several women at a time helped humanity to survive in the most difficult periods of evolutionary development.

Unbalanced diet, sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, constant stress and nervous tension – all this is imperceptible, but purposefully kills man’s strength. In the end, pursuit of leadership in social, professional sphere and material well-being turns into problems with erection.

Naturally, a man who cares about his health will have to make one more choice: either happy sexual longevity, or bad habits, coupled with irrational nutrition. There is no third option. In matters of male potency, smoking, alcohol abuse, unbalanced diet are not so terrible in themselves, as much as their influence on overall condition of systems and organs of male body.

Judge for yourself. Smoking causes vascular disease, significantly worsening blood supply of all organs of human body. At the same time, physiological mechanism of erection is provided primarily through intensive blood flow to penis. It turns out that avid smokers themselves are spiteful Pinocchios: they suffer from erectile dysfunction 2 times more often than those who are not burdened with nicotine addiction.

Irregular, unbalanced nutrition with emphasis on fatty, spicy, fried dishes leads to increase in cholesterol in blood, obesity and also leads to damage to walls of blood vessels. And then to problems with erection.

Abuse of alcohol, be it beer or 5-star cognac, inevitably leads to complete disabling of entire reproductive system of a man, which is expressed in significant decline in testosterone levels.

In other words, cigarette with vodka in itself will not affect male potency. But erectile dysfunction is virtually inevitable, as a predicate of diseases, which are caused by unhealthy lifestyle. Hence the third reason:


Facts are a stubborn thing. And they testify that over 40% of men who suffer from erectile dysfunction have a history of heart and vascular disease; 33 – 35% – diabetes mellitus and problems with hormones, including age-related androgen deficiency; 10% – neurological disorders; about 7 – 10% of men with erectile dysfunction suffered surgery on organs of genitourinary system (among the leading – prostate and kidney disease). And only 1 – 2% experience sexual impotence because of congenital or acquired problems associated directly with penis.5 common reasons of erectile dysfunction


Strangely enough, this reason for erectile dysfunction is worthy of distinguishing it separately. Approximately in 10 – 15% of men with conscious desire for sexual intercourse lack of erection provokes taking of drugs that have nothing to do with his sexual health. In medicine, there is a clear definition of this cause: drug-associated erectile dysfunction.

Psychological Factor

Shame, fear, stress. Resentment, depression, expectation of failure. Low self-esteem and echoes of growing up in Puritan family… All this and a thousand more reasons can become a real psychological obstacle for a man for full sexual life.

The nature of psychogenic erectile dysfunction is so deep that it requires a separate conversation.

It is only necessary to note that there are no irreversible psychological conditions leading to sexual impotence. In every 5th case of erectile dysfunction sexual life of a man comes to normal without external intervention. Only some cases require work with psychologist, psychiatrist. Sometimes there is no other way to solve the problem, but to change sexual partner.