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We are the Reliable Seller of Generics in Pharmaceutical Market

The impeccable reputation of My Canadian Pharmacy is confirmed by 18-year history. We have been selling generics since 1999 and during this time we managed to significantly expand the number of clients and increase the number of partners.

Each of our employees tries to maintain reputation of the company at the highest level, since the credo of the pharmacy – full control of quality of the products sold. My canadian pharmacy guarantees to its customers that all medicines presented in the catalog are of high quality and available at affordable prices.

Our company guarantees every buyer 100% anonymity. Each order is delivered in dense opaque package without labels and signatures.My Canadian Pharmacy

Always Only High Quality Generics

Online drugstore My Canadian Pharmacy is a reliable intermediary between manufacturers of generics and the end user. All medicines entering our warehouse are subject to strict quality and authenticity control. We will never expose goods for sale, if we have even the slightest doubt about its stated properties.

All generics from the website catalog are certified, in addition, our pharmacy strictly observes all conditions and terms of storage.

Fast Processing and Delivery of Orders

One of the important conditions for the operation of My Canadian Pharmacy is clear cooperation of each department. Order and delivery services are no exception. Buyers’ managers and logistics department work together for years together, so we can guarantee our customers fast order processing and prompt delivery.

My Canadian Pharmacy supplies generics at competitive prices not only in Canada and the US, but also throughout the world. We cooperate only with reliable and secure delivery services.

Ordering process:

  1. customers makes orders on the website. Managers very quickly confirm the order;
  2. delivery of generics carried out by post or courier, payment is made by credit card on the website;
  3. to most destinations delivery takes no more than 7 – 10 days.

Always Only Best Prices

We value and appreciate each of our customers, so we offer generics with a minimum trading margin. Thanks to close partnership and well-established relations with manufacturers of products, My Canadian Pharmacy sets price level available for each customer.

Money Back Guarantee

The main task of online drugstore My Canadian Pharmacy is to provide buyers with high quality generics. Therefore, we react promptly to every request of our customers and always strictly follow observance of terms of processing orders and delivery.

In order to satisfy demand of consumers to the maximum, we are constantly working to improve level of service of our drugstore.

Thanks to this honest and open approach to work, we managed to establish trusting relationship with a wide range of customers. Therefore, if you are not satisfied with quality of products, or if the purchased product has not had effect declared by manufacturer, we are ready to refund your money.

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